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Free Serenia Fantasy hack tool

Serenia Fantasy is one of those games where you can reach a high level without any consideration in any form. All you have to do is to click the quest target, be it monster or NPC, in the quest panel, and the character will automatically finds its way and even complete the battle. The character, however, takes no action when it ultimately finds the NPC or just continues killing monsters even if it has defeated enough of them. That explains why you have to return to the game once in a while to have conversation with the NPC to report the completion of quest or to accept new ones or to quit the unnecessary battles and return to the task giver.

1. Download Hack

2 .Login at the game
3. Launch Hack
4. Enter security key
5. Write Email, Password
6. Click Proxy

7. Chose Value of goods.
8. Click Start
9. Have a nice game

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