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Cheat Dota 2 Maphack 2013

Are you looking for dota 2 cheats , hacks or anything that would help you be be better than others ? Well you have come to the right place .

Finally we managed to release our Dota 2 Map Hack , the only dota 2 cheat avaiable on the internet . Our dota 2 hack has a lot of features , such as :

  • remove fog from minimap and mainmap
  • reveal units on minimap and mainmap
  • cam distance hack
  • reveal illusions
  • make units clickable
  • show ping signals

To activate the dota 2 cheats , follow these steps :

  1. Run Steam
  2. Run Dota 2 maphack v 1.7
  3. Select the features that you want to use
  4. Press ‘Inject’
  5. Press ‘Launch Dota2′
  6. In game, press Insert anytime you want to activate the hack

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