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Beta key Counter Strike global offensive

Thats right - for people that have pre-ordered CSGO (which can be a steal at 13.49) the beta has become available to you personally In addition to opening beta usage of all pre-order customers Valve has additionally released another patch to the beta hot for the heels in the recent update. See changelog below or by clicking here.We know that the majority of you're probably wondering why we havent been very active lately right here at Were currently hard at the office on a brand new version of the site that is likely to be far more focused around news competitions content and editorials/features as opposed to being forum-centric as the site is now. For those people who are already visiting us for a while and don't forget the last version of the site ahead of the forum launch you've an idea of what to anticipate - although v3.0 will likely be much larger and better than the first version was More details soonChangelog Gameplay Addressed recently reported performance issues. Living players can now hear the dead spectators in Casual game mode. Effects Improved muzzle flash dynamic light performace and optimized bullet hit impacts effects UI.

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