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Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances Cheats Hack Tool 2013 Free Download

This is a browser based game and is free to play. My review of it will be more along the lines of, is it worth playing at all, as opposed to, is it worth buying or spending money on. Understand that whatever my conclusion is, it is entirely based on the time investment in the game and the kind of fun and results you can get. Anyway, moving on.

History of the Command and Conquer Series

A lot of the early successful RTS franchises were those that really saw Dune for the PC as something unique and interesting. Blizzard Entertainment jumped on it immediately and made a cartoony orcs and humans game.

Westwood Studios on the other hand saw the Dune atmosphere as perfect. Westwood created Command and Conquer and started the Tiberian Wars. In this game you could either play as The Global Defense Initiative or The Brotherhood of Nod. The game was a smashing success.

So much so that Westwood decided to pimp out the name Command and Conquer into a new franchises, Red Alert. Red Alert is a historical revisionist game in which Stalin goes back in time and kills off Hitler. Without Hitler The USSR is able to create a far more massive army and is able to go to war with Europe and America. This off shoot series would prove to be a massive success having two sequels all revolving around the idea of time manipulation.

In the second of the series a mind bending profession takes over the USSR and uses this new power to make a direct invasion of the United States of America lead of course by none other than David Hasselhoff (THE HOFF).

In the third of the series (and most recent Command and Conquer game) Red Alert 3 sees another time manipulation as two generals of the USSR go back in time with a scientist and assassinate Albert Einstein who of course invented nuclear weapons hence toppling the massive American advantage. The final game in this series was star studded with Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show) as the Russian Premier, Jonathan Pryce (Tomorrow Never Dies/Pirates of the Caribbean) as The British PM, JK Simmons as the US President, George Takei as the Japanese Emperor, Jenny McCarthy as Tanya, and Peter Stromare (Armageddon) as the scientist.

A second off shoot series was created called “Generals.” Generals would emphasize real world command and conquer decisions. The game was split into three factions. These three factions were all unique including one that was a terrorist faction. It is always kind of interesting to see a suicide bomber take out a tank…. or a player retaliate with nukes. A second Generals game is on the horizon with an expected 2013 launch.

Westwood Studios successes were not ignored. In 1998 Electronic Arts acquired the studio outright interested in developing the Command and Conquer intellectual property to it’s fullest. EA expanded the Tiberiun Sun story further by creating a large collection of Tiberiun Sun games, including a first person shooter called Renegade. EA published three more Tiberiun Sun games Command and Conquer 2, 3, and 4.

However people were growing less and less fond of RTS games and so the RTS machine slowed down… everywhere. For years RTS games were considered niche and few people were making them. That’s why the release of Command and Conquer Generals 2 for 2013 is kind of odd.

On top of that Electronic Arts setup a new studio called Bioware Victory specifically for development of Command and Conquer games. This means Command and Conquer is here to stay.

And with a good decision it was. The launch of Starcraft 2 proved there was an RTS audience out there in a big way.

In 2011 EA announced they were putting out a free to play Command and Conquer browser game. And in 2012… it is open beta… which means it is basically done.


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