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Clash Of Clans Ultimate Hack Tool 2013 [FREE Download]

Clash of Clans is an iOS-dedicated online strategy game in which players role play as a small village leader, plan and balance the strategy in developing it into a powerful fortress, and battle against real online players across the world.

The game, firstly released for Canadian app store in July 02, 2012 and available worldwide in August 2 2012, is developed by Supercell, a Finland-based social gaming company known for Battle Buddies (Closed) and Hay Day.

Players in Clash Of Clans could build over ten types of fantasy units including Barnarian, Archer, Goblin, Wizard, and Dragon, etc., either in attacking other clans, or simply defending its own clan through the construction of walls and traps.


Clash Of Clans is one of the best strategy games on App Store and has an unbelievably high replay value thanks to its varied troops, and distinctive performances of all defensive buildings, walls and traps that generates infinite possibilities for battles.


Clash of Clans is a relaxing but still exciting strategy title. It saves the trouble while keeping the fun in best strategy titles.

You will have to deal with constructions, but not in steps at the cost of energy. Choose the right structure from the shop and then select a spot, and then click to start the construction. After that, one of your builders will rush there to take care of it.

The constructions and upgrades cost gold and elixir instead of energy. And since the many actions in the game depend on gold or elixir, you’ve got to ensure that you have enough of them. To that end, you build as many gold mines and elixir collectors as possible and then upgrade them – ‘cause level 1 mines and collectors only offer 8 (sometimes 10) gold or elixir while you spend hundreds or even thousands for training troops and upgrading structures.

Train troops and then you are allowed to attend battles. Click Attack button at the left bottom and then select multiplayer or single player mode. Flip an empty place near the base to deploy your troops. It is best to deploy troops in different locations, because the soldiers stop by every building they and then try to destroy it, even when they are being targeted themselves by the cannons or archers in the enemy base. And that is exactly where battle strategies are called for.

Pictures in the game are simple but lovely and no matter how much you zoom in, the buildings are still in clear graphics. Also, as you upgrade the gold mines and elixir collects, they do change their exteriors, adding pipes for example, making you truly believe they are gonna bring more resources.

Clash of Clans starts off easy but as time goes by, the resources soon run short and it might be impossible to fulfill any of the missions within a long period of time. One mission asks me to “Remove 50 obstacles”, for instance. That would not be completed at least for a few days because one has to spend hundreds or even tens of thousands of elixir or gold to remove a single rock or a tree. I don’t even have enough resources to train troops for battles, for God’s sake. And I really think that is indeed what we call Mission Impossible.

Every player is granted with some gems at the beginning to save all the long waits for constructions, upgrades, and training. But as you may experience in most games, when you get used to it, you run out of it. And you’ll have to pay. If you happen to be willing to pay, then the game is going to be lots of fun.

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